Joanna Bailey

Registered Psychologist (Reg. Number: PSY0001275865)

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Certificate of Psychological Practice

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Joanna is a registered psychologist. She is passionate about working collaboratively with clients to find practical strategies to live full and meaningful lives. Joanna provides a caring, patient and comfortable environment for you to be heard and begin to move forward. She offers effective diagnosis, testing, assessment and therapy for a wide range of psychological issues affecting both adolescents and adults.

Joanna is trained and experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. These are evidence based forms of therapy which focus on actively seeking change, they also allow for creativity and flexibility of practice. These therapies advocate that:

  • We are all on a journey to live our best, most abundant life. As a client, you have the life expertise that can be utilised to take you in the direction of this fulfilling life. A therapist can provide the strategy to help you utilise that expertise.
  • Psychological skills can be taught to assist you to deal with your painful thoughts and feelings effectively in such a way that they have much less impact and influence over you (These are known as mindfulness skills.)
  • Staying present in the moment and increasing your awareness can assist you to struggle less, make more conscious choices and experience life more fully.
  • If you clarify what is truly important and meaningful to you (your values) then you are able to use that knowledge to guide, inspire and motivate you to live a richer, better life.
  • Our actions have a powerful influence over our emotional well being. Taking action in the direction of our values leads to fulfilment.

Joanna is fully registered with the National Psychologist Registration Board and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Working together with her clients, Joanna's approach is collaborative, allowing her to select the best suited therapeutic intervention based on the scientific evidence and the individual needs of her clients. 

With a family of her own, Joanna understands the stressors involved with parenting and family life. She has worked extensively with adults, adolescents and children across a number of settings, including government and private organisations to enhance wellbeing. 

Joanna works with school communities to educate staff and parents on emotion coaching, stress and anxiety management, vocational goal setting and study skills in children and adolescents.She also speaks at workshops and seminars to provide education on a range of topics including mindfulness skills, management of symptoms of depression and anxiety, parenting skills, resilience and management of ADHD symptoms for study, work, relationships and personal well-being.

Joanna has a Bachelors degree in Psychology with honours, from the University of Western Sydney. She also holds a Certificate of Psychological Practice from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Joanna also holds certificates in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, trauma counselling, psychological assessment, pharmacology and conflict management.

Joanna has experience as a psychologist working in community health, government service and private settings conducting therapy, testing, vocational counselling, crisis intervention, work place rehabilitation, and psychological assessments.

Amber Edmonds

Practice Manager

When visiting our office, you are likely to meet Amber, our friendly Practice Manager. Amber will welcome you into our waiting room, help you settle in and guide you through information about our services, costs and rebates.